Sunday, October 16, 2011

Testing Fiberglass 3WT Fly Rod

         I bought a wt3 fiberglass fly rod early last month from a friend who made custom fly rod as a hobby
 . Last Saturday I have the time to test the rod. The night before, heavy rain worries me that the water would be murky and might be not suitable to fly for some barbs. 
       As I arrived to the fishing area, my worries was true, the water was murky and fast flowing. I tied some scud and nymph especially for the barb. my first cast was a bad one, not familiar with the rod's action. After a few cast I managed to get the rhythm of the slow action rod. I fell in love to this rod completely. I got 3 barbs and a snakehead using nymph fly. Looking foward to use this rod again

This is the rod,reel and fly line

The fishing port
small snakehead


The biggest I caught