Sunday, December 23, 2012

Climbing perch on Fly

              Lately my passion in fly fishing became stronger than ever due to over reading fly fishing reports from Malaysian fly fishing scene , watching fly fishing videos in YouTube and even Facebook . I would consider myself as tenderfoot in fly fishing because I learn to fly on my own by watching DVD and really really need to vary my fly casting( you should see my fly cast haha). 
               I love the technicality in fly fishing, tying own flies and the sweetest part is when the fish took your fly tied by yourself. Luckily, to buy fly fishing related is easier than years back when I started fly fishing, just browse KL Fly Fishing Shop and Techtackle (Sabah) to buy fly tying material, rods, reels and etc. Not to mention, custom fly rod builder Fisher Fango.
                Here In Sandakan, I think I'm the only one who still has the passion in fly fishing. Some people I know who took fly fishing same as me quit long time ago due to its technicality. I hope there will be more people in Sandakan would like to try fly fishing.

Today's catch
First Climbing Perch

Another one

nymph taker