Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pulau Berhala Fishing

After 2 weeks of planning, the trip to Pulau Libaran cancelled due to unavoidable problem. So, I phoned Mr. Lau Kim Sui if he can bring me to fish near Pulau Berhala and he agreed. The weather was fine and the current not too strong. I arrived at the jetty to meet Kim Sui around 6.45 am. Straight away we went to buy live prawns from a local fisherman. The fishing spots that we went were just around Pulau Berhala - only 10 minutes boat ride from the jetty. Fishing today I considered as successful however it would be more fun if my 'Fishing Gang' fishing together. We managed to land a numbers of GTs and groupers.

The fishing boat - 30 hp engine, equipped with eagle cuda fish finder and a GPS device.

Our live prawns

Pulau Berhala - calm sea

Giant Trevally - hehe small giant trevally

A good eating size grouper

Mr.Kim Sui with his giant Bedukang

Some of my cathes

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Flying archerfish

I went to my mother's orchard yesterday, while I was waiting for her to do some errand, I went to a jetty nearby to fly fish. Although the fish are small, but I hooked them using my own tied flies

needle fish on elk hair caddis

another one


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My daughter fishing with granny

For the past few days my daughter asked me to bring her to fish, finally today was the day she got her own fish. This fishing trip or I would say a mini fishing trip is for my daughter and her cousins to fish. Their grandmother suggested to fish for barbs and we all headed to the fishing spot. Because this was their first time, there were using pole fishing. Everybody got their own fish to brag about hehe.

My daughter - Aliya got 3 hook ups

the fishing spot

Her cousin - Amirull - only one hook up

This boy - Daniel got 2 fish

Hafiz got 1 hook up

Granny - Pole fishing master got 20 fish

The fry fish gang