Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bakry the king of Mullet Fishing

Yesterday, I'm very excited to fish mullet after a week of work load at my work place. I planned with Bakry the mullet master I would say hehe. That day Bakry's friend Ghazali joined us to fish mullet. Both of them using bread as bait.
As for me, I'm using a bread fly.... try to fool the mullet to take my bread a result..the mullets are cleaver than I thought. The water condition was bad that day, filled with diesel on the surface. I saw a lot of good size mullets using my polarised sunglass however the mullet won't surface because of the diesel.
Bakry did it again!!! a good size mullet for the two of us we came home empty handed.

My 5WF floating line Fly reel..

DIesel powered sea.. cheh!!!

Bakry and a mullet fishing newbie Ghazali


Good size mullet

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Yesterday's Mayong, Rodney and I went for mullet fishing. Only one Mullet landed. One thing that I forgot to bring yesterday was my polarised spot the mullet.



The onle mullet on that day

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tackle Set Up For Mullet Fishing

As I promised ealier, these are the basic set up for mullet fishing. The type hook is the most important element to achieve the desired outcome apart from luck hehe. The right hook will help us to get a solid hook up as mullet is a nibbler eater.

The thinnest is better. This is because mullet can spot your line on the water surface and will not go near to your bait. I use 8 lb test but one must becareful with the wittyness of this fish. One hooked the fish will make a run which might snap your line....will feel like a GT if you use light tackle especially 'rod udang' .

This is the best part, just ordinary plain bread. However, you need to berley the bread to attract the mullet. Once the fish is in the casting distance, throw you bait. The fish usually hooked up when they are in feeding frenzy.

The type of hook that I usually use

Small reel with 8lb line test, float and hooks

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mullet fishing - At Tembok Sandakan

Today I got MMS from my friend Bakry which trigger my memory about mullet fishing. Many people laughed at us if we told them that we can fish mullet, particularly the yellow tailed mullet. The others always frowned at us but when they saw it can be done, they couldn't believes their eyes.
Mullet fishing is not easy as they seem, one must trial and error. I remembered that it took me several times of fishing trip before I land my first mullet. This credit I must give to My friend Mohd Rasul who shown me how to fish mullet.
Mullet fishing can be addictive. I can remembered almost every evening I went for mullet fishing last year. Using light tackle, 6-8 pounds of line will challange your skills to land the fish. Choosing the right hook is also important in catching it. Once hookup, the mullet will give you one hell of a fight.. the feeling that I can't explain.
I will show the tackle set up for mullet fishing on my next post... ada berani ka pakai 6 paun?

The mms I got today - Bakry's catch...

Mr. Bob's first mullet

Rasul and I with our catch - taken last year

Can you believe the size?

Bakry's mullet

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rm 1.80 = Junior Snakehead + Marble Goby

Rm 1.80 spoon is what I meant. Today went to cast snakehead with Rodney, Peter and George. At first I us lizard sp, grub and spinnerbait and all these failed me. I remembered my Rm 1.80 spoon and I just cast and slow retrieve and a little bit of jerking. I got haruan and Ikan Ubi.

Peter's spot

George and Peter concentrating..

My catch

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Soft Plastic - My favaourite lure

My favourite casting lure especially for peacock bass and snakehead (the peacock bass in the previous post caught using berkley grub)

sinker with worm keeper, lizard sp, mustad for texas rig and storm leech pattern sp

Really look like a lizard - I wish we have Toman here.


Monday, June 1, 2009

My First 7 Stars

On the 30th, Bob, Rodney and Jason and I went to Taganak again. The sea was rough that morning but gettinh better on the afternoon. Luckily I ate sea sick pill. In this trip, I would say not really a success because not many fish that we cought. However, I'm still thankful bacause I manage to land my first 4 kilaos 7 star grouper.

Jason with his catch 


Bob as usual with the most catch.

I got only three fish.....