Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Good Size Croaker

These were the fish I got from my last trip with Rodney . I had a good fight with these fishes.. strong fish and managed to reel out my line. More pictures and full report  at

A 2kg croaker

1kg croaker

Sweet Lips

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ocea Jigger 4000P

Yesterday, I have the chance to test this reel. I fell in love with this reel even though there is a newer version of Ocea jigger 2000/4000 LD in the market. Smooth and powerful.

Ocea Jigger Specifications :
ModelLine Capacity (No.-m)Weight (gr)Gear RatioMax Drag (kg)Bearings
1000P2/300; 2.5/230; 3/2004105.1:16.56/1
1500P2/500; 2.5/400; 3/3204105.1:16.56/1
3000P5/400; 6/330; 8/2505655.1:176/1
4000P3/850; 4/700; 5/550; 6/450; 8/300; 10/2507604.1:1156/1
5000P4/900; 5/750; 6/550; 8/400; 10/3007754.1:1156/1