Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Berhala Got Fish!!

On the 25 Oct 2011, Bakry, Ismail and I took the opportunity to fish because our school's 'cuti peristiwa'. This is an opportunity to fish because most of the anglers are working right now. We decided to fish around Nunuyan and Berhala Island. Because only the 3 of us, we charted Mr. Kim Sui's boat.

 Leaving from the jetty

 Berhala Island


 Ismail ,Kim Sui and I

 As usual we went to Tinosa to get live prawns as bait and we were lucky that day because we have sufficient live prawns for the whole day.

      We started fishing around 7.00 am and that morning was a bit slow, about 1 hour fishing we got nothing, not a single bite!!. So, Kim Sui suggested we drift and we manage to catch small groupers. Then, we went to Nunuyan Island to fish, Bakry got a strong pull and his line reeling out but not for long his rig was clean cut by a mysterious fish. We suspected a barracuda.Later, I got a small trevally and because of no fish biting after that, our Mr. Kim Sui took a nap zzzzzzzzzzzzz hehe. Once he woke up we went tu Berhala Island.

We fish near fish cages

 Kim Sui's catch of the day, a morray eel. He released the ell back to its habitat.
 Our secret weapon

Screeeeeettttt!! my reel screaming out line and it's a trevally. Finally about 3 pm I got a fish

Trevally on light tackle gives you adrenalin rush.

After we were harassed by eels and octopuses near the fish cages, it's time to go to Kim Sui's favorite fishing spot. Once again my Ryobi Artica 3000 pouring out 20lb line. Wohooo!!!!

 Agohot @ gerut-gerut @
Anybody know the fish's name in English ? White snapper or Bream?

 Its Bakry turn - after a whole day this was his first smile once we started fishing

 Screeeeeettttt!!!! another Agohot ...
I not managed to get Bakry's video because I was busy preparing the landing net ( sorry Rod, forgot to do that on our last Berhala trip)

Bak's and my catch - obviously his fish bigger than mine

At 5.45 pm we call it a day and these were our catch


This was the most successful Berhala trip that I experienced. Looking forward to fish here again.

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  1. I would like to visit the island (not for fishing: but to visit the village of the local fishermen and to have some time on the beach and walk around): do you know, how to find a boat transportation from Sandakan to the island?