Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bob's Mangrove Jack

Last night Bakry, Bob and I went fishing and our target fish is Mangrove Jack. This particular fishing spot that we have chosen is near a village, and most of people there said that there are no fish there. When the villager saw us fishing we always got a cynical look and even voices shouting 'Mana ada ikan!!' - 'There're no fish there!!' plus giggles. Sometimes I feel that we're their laughing stock . But little that they know, the best fishing time there is when the tide is 2 meter above. We have experimented this time of fishing. we only got fish if the tide is 2 meter ++.



Bob n Bak n their new friend Jack

Saturday, December 26, 2009

I Met Fly Fishing Friends

I met Mr. Goh and Mr.Adrian in Clearwater, both of them fly fishing kakis. Mr. Goh invited me to join them fishing on a boat. I fish for a short period with them because I have to go early. Both of them are really friendly even though we have just met. I'm looking forward to fish with them next year.

Mr. Goh and Mr Adrian

Mr Goh


Another PB

Mr. Goh with the biggest PB of the day- he used shrimp fly pattern

Fly vs Lure - Peacock Bass in Clearwater Santuary

I found out that fly fishing is more successful than lure casting in Clearwater Sanctuary. Out of many peacock basses I caught, only one fish took my spinner even though I used a variation of lures. The rest were by fly fishing.

I'm not saying that fly is the best way to fish peacock bass here, I think that the Peacock bass here are not easily tricked by using lure. The fish are getting smarter because of the fishing pressure by the visitors.

Because I broke my Wt 5 fly rod, I used my Wt8 rod.. a handicapped match for the Peacock bass

Saturday, December 19, 2009

I broke my fly rod

I went fishing again but sadly the tip section broke due to mishandling.

Lucikily I brought my baitcaster

PB on spoon

Peacock Bass Here I Come!

On the 22th November I went to Ipoh for holiday. This means that my sea fishing come to the end for this year. However, this time of the year I've been waiting for hunting peacock bass.

Despite of feeling a bit tired because of the long travelling hours, I went fishing on the next day at Clearwater Resort, Batu Gajah, Perak.

I got 3 PBs