Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pole Fishing with My Mom

My Mom

The eel hooked by my mother actually

I remembered clearly the time my parents took me fishing in a small creek. I was 8 years old on that time. My mother prepared me a fishing pole using a tree branch and the thing I cannot forget is the hook. The hook was especially made for me from a staple of a box. The 'hook' just like a 5/0 size!!!. No wonder I did not get any fish.
Today, I went fishing with my mom. I prepared her all the fishing gear and as I tied the hook, I smiled to her and said "careful mom this hook is extreamly sharp". I know why she gave me a staple hook when I was a little boy.
My mom's luck was good today, usually I always out numbered her catch, but not this time. We had a good time together :-)

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