Friday, May 22, 2009

Pembalasan Si Lalat Basah

Today as usual, went to fly with Rodney and Jason. This time I've made a new and improve fly to defeat the snakehead there. In previous visit I got a lot of strike but no solid hook up. I've hook up 3 snakeheads which makes me proud of my own tied fly. 2 snakeheads were ' realesed' and another one I took home for my aquarium. Rodney landed the biggest snakehead of the day using seahawk froggy. I went home with a satisfied feeling until I realised that I owe Rodney Rm 15 hehe for the froggy I asked him to buy from SS Kota Marine.

This is the Killer fly - Deer hair body, 4 strands of rubber legs from a spinner bait, yellow hackle and a CIRCLE HOOK which ensure a solid hook up.

My first haruan on that day

Second haruan

Third haruan

Rodney with the biggest haruan - he gave it to me to take home

Seahawk froggy

Both haruans are in my aquarium right now

"In the making of this blog content, there are no snakeheads were eaten or killed"

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Taganak here we come

My next trip with my friends will be on the 30th May - Pesta Kaamatan. We are going to celebrate that day on a fishing boat hehe f. I really can't wait as I counting days waiting for the 30th to come. My friend Cikgu Bob already prepared his weapons and he can't wait to test his new Tica Team multiplier. As for me I will be preparing Apollo rigs hybrid with Tanduk.. hope that to kill 2 birds in one stone or I might say to hook 2 species in one rod and reel. Well, my fishing adventures is not always fruitful, I still remember the first time I went to deep sea fishing, the catch is not something to proud of but the experience is priceless.

These the catch on my first trip. I know somebody who has better luck than me on his first trip.

I used Daiwa Opus Bull 5000 and Shimano TLD Star 15/30s

Friday, May 15, 2009

Haruan on frog fly

Today, I went to fly haruan with Jason and Rodney.A lot of fun fishing with the two of them. This time I used my prototype frog fly to hunt snakehead. Got a lot of strike however only a small haruan got hooked. Feeling satisfy with the frog fly I've made. Next time I will improve with the fly's look.


A good fight from a 200g snakehead using a 5wt fly rod.

Just realised there is no Rod's picture.. sorry Rod, nasib cameraman memang jarang ada time aku gambar kau la pulak.

Jason and I were asking the fish to strike our froggy and fly

Best spot for Snakehead - lot of strike

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Frog Fly for Snakehead

I just finish tying a prototype frog fly of my own. I would say it is an ugly frog fly hehe. Tomorrow if Rod is free, we will targetting snakehead. If the fishing spot permits me to fly fish I would use this frog fly. If the Snakehead strike my prototype and able to hook up I would consider my prototype is a success and work on the looks of the fly next time.

My frog fly prototype

My Popper Fly for Tarpon and also Snakehead

Sungai Tokai - Fishing Spot

Sg Tokai actually not the real name of the place.. If i not mistaken it is Sg. Seguntur. Mayong has been there. The place introduced by bro Rasul years back. I think the name given by him. Last year I went casting there with Rasul and Bakry. "Oi! ndak bole memancing di sini!"  a security guard running towards us.. so we went further left to fish. In this fishing spot the targetted species are grouper and barracuda and also not to forget 'bedukang'.

if you want to get here the land mark is  Libaran Power Station

Here Rasul with his black tailed barracuda using Yuzuri Minnow (fire tiger)


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Unpublish Pictures

Today, my wife stimmed a grouper which caught on the last fishing trip with Rod and Bob.. 

Some pictures from my fishing adventures

At Prawn fishing pond in Shah Alam on 11.04.2009

Peacock Bass hooked at Clearwater Sanctuary Ipoh Perak (Dec 2008)

Mangroove Jack caught at 'you won't believe spot'

Sunday, May 10, 2009

I'm amaze and proud

On May 8, I went casting with Rod and some future casters + a future fly rodder. The targetted species are snakehead and tarpons. I feel amaze and proud with the new friends I met (Peter, George and Fernandez) eventhough they are young ,their attitude towards fishing is different compared to some anglers. These future casters practice catch and release and aware the need to conserve and stock the fish. Well, different with me when I was a boy.. catch and no release :-(.