Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Milkfish + 3WT Fiberglass Rod = Awesome!!

  On my recent fishing trip,Mr .Yazid suggested to me to try to fish milkfish on this date. Without any hesitation I agreed and I saw this opportunity to fly milkfish. The night before I surf the net on what fly pattern suitable to hook this fish. Not much info from the net and I tied bread flies and some emergers and as a consequence of tying the flies until 2.30 am, I woke up late and arrived at destination around 8.30 am. .We fish until 12.30 pm as we got enough fish. The milkfish that we got around 300-400g each. Thanks to the pond owner Mr. Arbakin, for giving us the opportunity to fish there.

3WT bliss
My first milkfish on breadfly
 Milkfish angler + Junior angler

Mr Yazid and I