Thursday, November 4, 2010

School's Trip to Pulau Bai

Yesterday, my colleagues and some friends went to Pulau Bai. As for me, it is just a regular trip but for the rest of the trip's members were their first time to Pulau Bai. Some of them was their first fishing trip.I organised this trip especially for some newbie in fishing and hopefully they will enjoy fishing as I do. There were 10 of us and we managed to hook a total of 15 kg various species if fish (mostly croaker). The trip was fun and enjoyable.

Suhair's first fishing experience

Samsuri's first fishing trip 


The anglers

Our catches 

Ismail's catch

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Good Size Croaker

These were the fish I got from my last trip with Rodney . I had a good fight with these fishes.. strong fish and managed to reel out my line. More pictures and full report  at

A 2kg croaker

1kg croaker

Sweet Lips

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ocea Jigger 4000P

Yesterday, I have the chance to test this reel. I fell in love with this reel even though there is a newer version of Ocea jigger 2000/4000 LD in the market. Smooth and powerful.

Ocea Jigger Specifications :
ModelLine Capacity (No.-m)Weight (gr)Gear RatioMax Drag (kg)Bearings
1000P2/300; 2.5/230; 3/2004105.1:16.56/1
1500P2/500; 2.5/400; 3/3204105.1:16.56/1
3000P5/400; 6/330; 8/2505655.1:176/1
4000P3/850; 4/700; 5/550; 6/450; 8/300; 10/2507604.1:1156/1
5000P4/900; 5/750; 6/550; 8/400; 10/3007754.1:1156/1

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Eel Fishing

Yesterday I went fishing and to my surprise I hookup 5 eels. Usually this place is full of barbs fish, but I got new type of fish here :-). All eels were released safely.

This is my first eel 

enjoy hehe

Monday, August 9, 2010

Before Ramadhan Trip

Yesterday, Bakry, Bob, Donny, Amiluddin and his friend went fishing in Kretam. The first planning was a trip to Pegasus unfortunately due to some cancellation from some friends, I had to negotiate with the boat owner for a cheaper boat charter to accommodate the six of us. I booked this boat a month before and conformation from the others fishing buddies.

The weather was fine yesterday; we started fishing at 8.15 until 4.30. The boatman's service was excellent and always helping us. Even giving free Apollo rigs for our newbies. We had a good fight yesterday. I got several pull in the end of the line from demersal fish and I could not stop them from reeling out my avet reel even though I set the drag to the maximum. The fishes managed to went in the reef. Not just me even Amiluddin got 4 strikes but his 50lb line snapped.

I think that for the next trip we need to use heavier gear in this fishing spot.

I was jigging for a long time on yesterday's trip using 200g jig. Again I got a strong pull from below and could not stop the fish from taking refuge in the reef. I guess no luck for me then. Looking forward for the next trip.

Catch highlights

Amiluddin and his friend.... and me


Bak - biggest coral trout of the day


Amiluddin - biggest trevally


My catch

Our catch

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Testing My Mini Dv

Recently I bought this Dv. I used the Dv on previous trip with Tbyrodney. The camera was cheap and the picture quality is fair.

clip on dv

Watch the Vid - ignore the date in the vid.. i forgot to set the date correct hehe

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pulau Berhala Fishing

After 2 weeks of planning, the trip to Pulau Libaran cancelled due to unavoidable problem. So, I phoned Mr. Lau Kim Sui if he can bring me to fish near Pulau Berhala and he agreed. The weather was fine and the current not too strong. I arrived at the jetty to meet Kim Sui around 6.45 am. Straight away we went to buy live prawns from a local fisherman. The fishing spots that we went were just around Pulau Berhala - only 10 minutes boat ride from the jetty. Fishing today I considered as successful however it would be more fun if my 'Fishing Gang' fishing together. We managed to land a numbers of GTs and groupers.

The fishing boat - 30 hp engine, equipped with eagle cuda fish finder and a GPS device.

Our live prawns

Pulau Berhala - calm sea

Giant Trevally - hehe small giant trevally

A good eating size grouper

Mr.Kim Sui with his giant Bedukang

Some of my cathes

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Flying archerfish

I went to my mother's orchard yesterday, while I was waiting for her to do some errand, I went to a jetty nearby to fly fish. Although the fish are small, but I hooked them using my own tied flies

needle fish on elk hair caddis

another one