Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pangasius Sutchi !!!!!!!!

Today, Yazid, Aleng and I went to the only pay pond in Sandakan to target silver catfish. We fish around 8.30 to 1.00 pm and these are the catch. Our reels screaming out line as these fishes hooked. Every body managed to hook up at least one fish. Yazid is the champion of the day - he caught 2!!. We stop fishing after Yazid caught the forth fish and before the pond owner ban us from fishing hehe.

Yazid (blue) and I - Credit to Yazid for sharing bait mixture tips



and I

 All the fish have almost the same size as this

 Yazid again
Picture time 


  1. Cangrats to the team! hahahaha...wah,Yazid do have a 'secret' recepi for patin aaaa. must contact him la.hehehehe

  2. Wah besarnya itu ikan patin mana tempat nih ? Nanti saya balik Sandakan bulih bawak kah pigi ini tempat....