Friday, January 27, 2012

Fly Fishing One Step From Home

For the past few days I have been planning to go to Berhala Island but the weather is not on my side. Its been raining heavily last night and for sure there will be no fishing today. All I can do today is fly tying.... Luckily I found a new fly fishing spot just one step from home :-)

Undisputed Fly fishing spot

If you look closely there is a big toman near the flower bush - Roll cast Practice

Roll casting huhuhu

Flash flood!!!!! - @ taman indah jaya
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  1. nice on tn :) as long as can cast aaaa,hehehehehe

  2. Haha tu la pasal, kemaruk hehe.

  3. apasal tak panggil rodney turut serta..ahaha

  4. Dia pun tgh pancing d blakang rumahnya juga, tiada bot kami