Monday, August 9, 2010

Before Ramadhan Trip

Yesterday, Bakry, Bob, Donny, Amiluddin and his friend went fishing in Kretam. The first planning was a trip to Pegasus unfortunately due to some cancellation from some friends, I had to negotiate with the boat owner for a cheaper boat charter to accommodate the six of us. I booked this boat a month before and conformation from the others fishing buddies.

The weather was fine yesterday; we started fishing at 8.15 until 4.30. The boatman's service was excellent and always helping us. Even giving free Apollo rigs for our newbies. We had a good fight yesterday. I got several pull in the end of the line from demersal fish and I could not stop them from reeling out my avet reel even though I set the drag to the maximum. The fishes managed to went in the reef. Not just me even Amiluddin got 4 strikes but his 50lb line snapped.

I think that for the next trip we need to use heavier gear in this fishing spot.

I was jigging for a long time on yesterday's trip using 200g jig. Again I got a strong pull from below and could not stop the fish from taking refuge in the reef. I guess no luck for me then. Looking forward for the next trip.

Catch highlights

Amiluddin and his friend.... and me


Bak - biggest coral trout of the day


Amiluddin - biggest trevally


My catch

Our catch