Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tackle Set Up For Mullet Fishing

As I promised ealier, these are the basic set up for mullet fishing. The type hook is the most important element to achieve the desired outcome apart from luck hehe. The right hook will help us to get a solid hook up as mullet is a nibbler eater.

The thinnest is better. This is because mullet can spot your line on the water surface and will not go near to your bait. I use 8 lb test but one must becareful with the wittyness of this fish. One hooked the fish will make a run which might snap your line....will feel like a GT if you use light tackle especially 'rod udang' .

This is the best part, just ordinary plain bread. However, you need to berley the bread to attract the mullet. Once the fish is in the casting distance, throw you bait. The fish usually hooked up when they are in feeding frenzy.

The type of hook that I usually use

Small reel with 8lb line test, float and hooks

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