Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bakry the king of Mullet Fishing

Yesterday, I'm very excited to fish mullet after a week of work load at my work place. I planned with Bakry the mullet master I would say hehe. That day Bakry's friend Ghazali joined us to fish mullet. Both of them using bread as bait.
As for me, I'm using a bread fly.... try to fool the mullet to take my bread a result..the mullets are cleaver than I thought. The water condition was bad that day, filled with diesel on the surface. I saw a lot of good size mullets using my polarised sunglass however the mullet won't surface because of the diesel.
Bakry did it again!!! a good size mullet for the two of us we came home empty handed.

My 5WF floating line Fly reel..

DIesel powered sea.. cheh!!!

Bakry and a mullet fishing newbie Ghazali


Good size mullet

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