Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mullet fishing - At Tembok Sandakan

Today I got MMS from my friend Bakry which trigger my memory about mullet fishing. Many people laughed at us if we told them that we can fish mullet, particularly the yellow tailed mullet. The others always frowned at us but when they saw it can be done, they couldn't believes their eyes.
Mullet fishing is not easy as they seem, one must trial and error. I remembered that it took me several times of fishing trip before I land my first mullet. This credit I must give to My friend Mohd Rasul who shown me how to fish mullet.
Mullet fishing can be addictive. I can remembered almost every evening I went for mullet fishing last year. Using light tackle, 6-8 pounds of line will challange your skills to land the fish. Choosing the right hook is also important in catching it. Once hookup, the mullet will give you one hell of a fight.. the feeling that I can't explain.
I will show the tackle set up for mullet fishing on my next post... ada berani ka pakai 6 paun?

The mms I got today - Bakry's catch...

Mr. Bob's first mullet

Rasul and I with our catch - taken last year

Can you believe the size?

Bakry's mullet

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