Sunday, January 8, 2012

Snakehead on fly

Rainy season always limit fishing activities to all anglers. As for me, if I can't fish I usually tie some flies. Few days ago I tied several woolly buggers to be used in Jalil Alip's paypond, targetting snakeheads, tilapias and hopefully 'Patin'.The paypond is actually not really maintained regularly by the owner, no fish restocking but the fee is Rm 10 for fishing the whole day, nobody would complain.
 Yesterday's afternoon I went to the paypond to fly, and I hooked a nice snakehead. A fly rod and a snakehead in the end of the line.... wohoo!!

Handsome sakehead

Woolly Bugger

My first 2011 snakehead on fly.

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  1. Nice one bro.

    You can chk out more snakehead on fly stories at


  2. Thanks bro, will follow your blog