Sunday, January 15, 2012

Fishing with a newbie - my wife

It's sunday and I did not have any plan for today so I tied some flies just to fill my flybox. After finished tying I was thinking I would be nice to fish today but still some hesitation wheather to go or not to go because I felt like to stay home. I phoned Bakry but he was busy preparing for his presentation tomorrow. I thought it would be better if I stayed at home and rest and about 2 pm my wife said that if I want to go fishing today she would like to go. To my surprise.. this is the first time she want to go fishing. Immediately I load up my car trunk with fishing gear and off we went. So these are the pictures :


Her first fish

Marble goby

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  1. Hehehe gu.. beginner's luck always supersede the experience one.