Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My daughter fishing with granny

For the past few days my daughter asked me to bring her to fish, finally today was the day she got her own fish. This fishing trip or I would say a mini fishing trip is for my daughter and her cousins to fish. Their grandmother suggested to fish for barbs and we all headed to the fishing spot. Because this was their first time, there were using pole fishing. Everybody got their own fish to brag about hehe.

My daughter - Aliya got 3 hook ups

the fishing spot

Her cousin - Amirull - only one hook up

This boy - Daniel got 2 fish

Hafiz got 1 hook up

Granny - Pole fishing master got 20 fish

The fry fish gang


  1. How cool is that, all the kids caught a fish. Good for you on spreading the fishing word.
    Tight lines

  2. Tq Fish Whisperer.. early education for the kids. catch and release.. they had a lot of fun.