Sunday, March 14, 2010

Tangled lines, sea sick and a happy ending

At last, yesterday is one of my successful fishing trip. I planned this fishing trip since a month ago, luckily it is not difficult to find fishing buddies to charter a boat. The boat cost us Rm1650 for a whole day. It is quite expensive but for the sake of our passion money is not a problem. Since a week ago I've checked the weather report and hopefully the weather is with us. The local news said there will be strong wind that worried me. Yesterday, the weather was fine. Lucky for us.
I think this is the first time I was sea sick. Not because of the sea but untangling fishing lines that made me feel a bit dizzy. We encountered a series of tangled fishing line due to the changing current that cost us fishing time to add more 'sad' feeling, it was feeding frenzy on that time.
Personally, this fishing trip is fun for me..friendly friends and good catches too.

Back L to R : Bakry, Bob, Juini and Zizu
Front L to R : Jason, Marjan, Rodney and Me

John snapper

coral trout

sweet lips

my catch for the day

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  1. Great catch. I still get a bit sick when I have to deal with tangled lines.
    Tight lines