Monday, February 22, 2010

Nymphing Barb fish

It's been quite sometimes I updated my blog. Being busy and expecting my wife to give birth, I postponed all my fishing activities. I have to turned down my fishing buddies' invitation to their fishing trip( I will be back soon ). Finally on the 9th February my wife gave birth to a baby boy : - ). I spent my time tying flies at home. I tied quit a number of nymphs and it's time to try it. I went to a nearby with my younger sister to fly barb or 'putihan' as identified by local people. My sister use bait and I use nymph. The verdict, Bait = 16 barbs and Nymph = 14 barbs. To our surprise, we did not expect to hook 30 barbs on that evening and I suspected nobody ever fish here before. All the barbs were released back to the stream.

The nymph

1st barb on first cast

Another fry

on a wt5 fly rod a handicaped match for the barb

A good size barb

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