Thursday, August 27, 2009

Introduction to Fly Fishing

I started to fly fish 2 years ago. Courious on how it can fish...the techniques and the art of making flies.

What You Need To Know

Fly Rod
The rod is different from other fishing rod. What we really fimiliar with to an ordinary rod is the poundage or the PE or the rod, but for a fly fishing rod it is catogarised as Weight (Wt) from Wt 0 (lightest) to Wt 12 (heaviest)

The line consist of wt0 to wt12 which need to be matched with the rod. Lines can be floating, sinking, intermediate. these types of lines to suit your need in targetting what types of fish you want to fly.

The flies are vary. Freshwater and saltwater patterns could be made..the beautiful part is you can make your own flies.

I'm still in the process of learning of the art of flyfishing.. what I write here is not a complete information of fly fishing but the basic things you need to know before starting to become a fly fisherman.

Ladyfish caught using olive crazy charlie 5wt rod and line

Peacock bass

Another peacock bass

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