Monday, July 6, 2009

Avet MXL and Tica Team S16 Field Test - part 1

On the 5/july I went to Bakungan Kecil to fish with my fishing buddy..Rod,Bob,Bakry,Donny,Zizu and Jason. The original plan is to go to Kretam but the boatman brought us to Bakungan Kecil only. As the organizer for that trip, I'm a bit worried if the boat services is 'not up to the standard'. However for a trip of Rm1000 for seven person it is not bad. I think the boatman took us to 5 points only. Before we went for the trip I've heard a lot of rumour about the boatman.
As for me I got to test my new Avet MJL 5.8 with DAM Quick rod to the limit. Satisfied with this reel and I would recomend it to my friends. I also have the chance to test Bob's Tica Team s16 (see for the video.
All in all, I got a good size Mangroove Jack and 7 red snappers and 1 Cermin

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