Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Taganak here we come

My next trip with my friends will be on the 30th May - Pesta Kaamatan. We are going to celebrate that day on a fishing boat hehe f. I really can't wait as I counting days waiting for the 30th to come. My friend Cikgu Bob already prepared his weapons and he can't wait to test his new Tica Team multiplier. As for me I will be preparing Apollo rigs hybrid with Tanduk.. hope that to kill 2 birds in one stone or I might say to hook 2 species in one rod and reel. Well, my fishing adventures is not always fruitful, I still remember the first time I went to deep sea fishing, the catch is not something to proud of but the experience is priceless.

These the catch on my first trip. I know somebody who has better luck than me on his first trip.

I used Daiwa Opus Bull 5000 and Shimano TLD Star 15/30s

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